My Blog and I


I have been a dog lover all my life, growing up as a kid with a few different breeds. When I “grew up” and could take care of a dog properly, I had a few different breeds. My latest house guests are two rescue dogs, both having very diverse genealogies I am sure.

One of my good pals for the last few decades favors bulldogs. He has had at least one for the last thirty plus years. I am starting to look at them with just about as much favor as my “mutts”, so I decided to start a little blog that talks about them a little and also about pets in general.

My ramblings may or may not interest you, but it is fun to put into print things that I find along my way of researching pets and bulldogs.

I don’t plan on doing any advertising on this blog, but I will include links to other sites that I find dealing with pets. Around the Holy Hill, SC area, you will find an abundance of hunting dogs for both coon and deer. Maybe I will get out to a farm and take some photos and do a little story on the care of those hounds and how they are used. We will see.

If you have an interesting story that you want me to post, email me: