Holly Hill SC Area Pet Boarding

holly hill sc pet boarding

Pet boarding is a service offered by pet shops, veterinary clinics and pet kennels. This service is all about leaving pet dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, etc. for a set amount of time as the pet owner goes to work, runs errands or leaves for a vacation or business trip. The pet is left under the care of trained kennel employees who care for different types of pets just like their owners would. Pets like dogs are fed, walked and played with until their owners come back to claim them. In case a pet needs medical attention, in-house vets and other medical staff will administer treatments or medications at the set time. Pets are also kept under close watch especially those that need medical treatment, young pets and pets that are restless due to separation from their owner.Pet Boarding in Mount Pleasant SC

In Holly Hill, SC and the surrounding area, several pet boarding businesses offer a safe, well-maintained and very comfortable place to stay for your pets while you are away. It is their priority to provide a close to actual home environment to pets to reduce their stress and anxiety. And although most pet boarding businesses only offer the usual needs like food and a place to sleep for pets, some companies offer more:

Pet grooming services

Pet boarding services offer more than your pet’s basic needs. Most businesses offer grooming stations where your pet can bathe, get a trim (ideal for dogs, cats, hamsters and guinea pigs), get a massage and other spa-like treatments while you are away. These services may be part of a boarding package or you may need to order these separately for your pet.

Special diet plans

Pet dogs, cats, birds and even fishes have special diet needs and just because you are on vacation or in a business trip, your pet will neglect his special dietary preferences. Pet boarding companies offer nutritionists and dietary services which will provide tailor-made meals for your pet. This unique service is also beneficial for pets that need to be fed with a special diet because of a medical condition.

Pet recreational facilities

Another plus are pet recreational facilities that will allow your pet to exercise even when he is far from home. Most pet boarding services offer walking exercises, open air or green facilities where dogs may play, appropriate toys for different kinds of pets and water-fun facilities.

IP camera friendly

You definitely want to check up on your pet while you are away, now you can do this with the use of a special IP camera stationed near your pet’s cage or kennel. Pet owners are provided with online access to a pet boarding IP camera service where owners can monitor their pets through their smartphones, tablets or android phones. This service is mostly offered for free for pet owners to have peace of mind while on vacations or business trips.

There are so many more features that pet boarding services in the Holly Hill, SC area can offer customers. Be sure to check features out and compare businesses to be able to provide the best care for your pet when you are away.